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Land Cleaning and Demolition

Clearing & demolishing obstructions in preparation for the construction of new roadways and site improvements.


Land Clearing and Demolition are often required to make way for new improvements.  CAPITAL P will take care of the work necessary to expedite project schedules and save clients both time and money.  No work can begin until the site is clear, so efficiency and an eye toward the schedule are critical.  Whether one acre or hundreds, CAPITAL P will take care of your Land Clearing and Demolition needs efficiently and with an absolute regard for safety.

CAPITAL P provides a full range of Land Clearing and Demolition services to make way for each client's new improvements, including, but not limited to:

  • Selective Demolition

  • Clearing & Grubbing

  • General Cleanup

  • Debris Hauling & Disposal

Each land clearing and demolition project starts with a plan for removal and disposal.  Cleared debris is hauled to disposal sites depending on municipal requirements and/or site conditions. Materials are recycled, where feasible, and building debris is removed, hauled and dumped in approved, permitted, disposal facilities.

With its many years of experience in Land Clearing and Demolition, CAPITAL P has cleared the way for hundreds of acres of new improvements in the Tampa area, establishing a reputation for quality work completed on time and within budget. When CAPITAL P is finished with the site, it will be cleared of all obstructions, leaving the site ready for the new planned improvements.

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